Events 2022

International Stereoscopy Day, 21st June 2022, can be celebrated however you wish to join in (don’t forget to add #StereoscopyDay if you’re celebrating with everyone on social media).

Here you’ll find a list of events across the world which took place, unless otherwise stated, on 21st June 2022.

Events were organised by the organisations named in the listings, please contact them directly for full details using the links provided, which are embedded within each listing.


Across social media, you’ll find people joined in by using #StereoscopyDay on Instagram (don’t forget to @brianmayarchiveofstereoscopy), Twitter and Facebook.

The Brian May Archive of Stereoscopy (UK) hosted by Birkbeck, University of London gave an educational 3-D presentation titled ‘Did You Know Stereoscopy Was Invented Before Photography?‘. It was live on Zoom (with side-by-side parallel-view images).

Kyler Clark, Rock n Roll photographer and assistant to Alice Cooper, shared stereoscopic photos he’s taken, along with tutorials about how to Freeview on his Instagram.

The online Classic Platform, by the Classic magazine (EU), released an exclusive interview with Denis Pellerin on an early French stereo photographer, with a link to a free accompanying online book, hosted by The Stereoscopy Blog.

Colección Fernández Rivero de Fotografía Antigua (ES) shared a special article about a rare set of stereoviews, never seen before.

The King’s College Archives (UK), home of the Wheatstone Collection, shared Stereoscopy Day-themed updates on their Twitter page.

The London Stereoscopic Company (UK) is sharing a special online gallery for June 2022, using 3-D images from the Brian May Archive of Stereoscopy. They also offered an exclusive 21% discount on all products in their store until 18:00 BST on the 24th June. Please visit their website for offers and shipping details.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) shared an article written by curator Britt Salvesen ‘Seeing Double: The Stereoscope in City of Cinema‘ and you can visit their accompanying exhibition ‘City of Cinema: Paris 1850-1907‘, which runs until July 10th 2022.

35mmc shared an article about Stereoscopy Day.

The Museum of Gloucester (UK) showcased Gloucestershire-born Wheatstone in a pre-recorded FREE online event with local expert Steve Rowley, ‘Charles Wheatstone: Gloucester’s Unsung Genius’. The link is available here.

The National Library of New Zealand shared stereoscopic images from their collections on their Twitter account and Facebook page, with the hashtag: #StereoscopyDay

The National Portrait Gallery (UK) posted World Stereoscopy Day-themed stories to their Instagram page throughout the day, using images from their collection.

Oczko Stereo (EU) offered 15% off all products for the entire Stereoscopy Day with the code Z9FMTP36. Please visit their webstore for products and shipping details.

The OnAHillRoad (UK) Etsy store offered ‘3D BOOK: On a Hill Road – Scotland c.1902’ with a special 20% discount for the entire Stereoscopy Day using the code: STEREODAY2022. Please visit their Etsy store for shipping details.

Pinholica (US) published a blog post about the results of using three different pinhole cameras, two stereoscopic, and one using different cha-cha techniques.

The Sydney Stereo Camera Club (Oz3D) held a special Wheatstone-themed Zoom meeting on the 23rd June via Zoom at 19:00 AEST.

The Royal Society‘s (UK) archivist Virginia Mills wrote a story about Charles Wheatstone first presenting his mirrored stereoscope and theory of binocular vision at the Royal Society, including the original paper published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society from their own collection. It has been released on Google Arts and Culture. They also shared Stereoscopy Day-themed posts on their social media.

The Stereoscopy Blog (UK) published several special themed posts throughout the day to celebrate different aspects of stereoscopy.

The Stereoscopic Society (UK) held a Zoom meeting for their members from 19:30 BST to present their Annual Exhibition and celebrate the life and works of 3-D wildlife photographer Pat Whitehouse.

The Stereosite (EU) published an article about Wheatstone’s presentation to the Royal Society on June 21st 1838. (Barcelona, ES) offered an exclusive discount on their ProMa King Glasses-Free 3D Tablet for the day, and they also held a surprise event. Please see their web shop for product and shipping details.

The University of Manchester’s Museum of Medicine and Health shared Stereoscopy Day-themed tweets about part of their collection.

The Virtual Stereoscopic Community (EU) held an international challenge for its members near Stereoscopy Day. The results will be shown during their next Zoom meeting, with prizes are donated by Oczkostereo.

Please note that, unless otherwise stated, the Brian May Archive of Stereoscopy is not the organiser of the events and other happenings listed on this page or associated with them. It therefore not responsible for the content, accuracy of information and views expressed.

LOCAL (In-person)



  • Sydney
    • The Sydney Stereo Camera Club (Oz3D) was one of the first on the day to celebrate by holding a special Wheatstone-themed members’ meeting. The meeting was at the Five Dock Senior Citizens Centre, 422 Lyons Road, Five Dock, commencing at 20:00 AEST.


ITALY (Traduzione automatica)

  • Turin
    • RoccaVintage fotografia d’arte, via Della Rocca 20, 10123 Torino, is hosting an exhibition dedicated to stereo photography, ILLUSOFIA, curated by Frederico Bollarino, from May 24th until October 2022. Entry is free but appointments need to be booked in advance via email or by texting (sms +39.3484105138) the gallery.


  • Scotland
    • Dundee
      • Professor Nick Wade gave a special talk and demonstration with the University of Dundee Museums “The Birth of the Stereoscope – The Dundee Dimension”. He examined the contributions of Wheatstone and Brewster to the art and science of stereoscopic vision, as well as the bitter personal rivalry between the two men. Some original stereoscopes from the University Museum Collections and Professor Wade’s own private collection were also on display. The talk was at the D’Arcy Thompson Lecture Theatre, DD1 4HN, starting at 18:00 BST, free entry. You could register for this event on EventBrite.



Please note that, unless otherwise stated, the Brian May Archive of Stereoscopy is not the organiser of the events and other happenings listed on this page or associated with them. It therefore not responsible for the content, accuracy of information and views expressed.